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New main match guns?

Iron Pony

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Well as repoted the 44Spec cylinders are in the Smokewagons and shoot great. Now the 1871 C.Masons are done too and they are slick shooters. Got the new pair out to the range today and after having the 7 yard target stand blown over several times I decided to just shoot at the falling plate rack set out at 20 yards. Six plates, about 8" in diameter were no challenge for either the 23 or 25 bp grain loads and if I'd had a can of spray paint I'd have been able to tell point of impact.


For some reason the little bitty notch in the hammer and small front blade site work as well on the conversions as they do on the 1860s for me. The Army grip frame and 8" bbls just point so naturally. Recoil in comparison to the 44-40 is way down but slightly more then the cap and ball, which I attribute to the heavier Mav D versus a 165+/-round ball. With the 165grain 44Slim these long bbl guns ought to be real corkers and may prompt me to all but retire my Smokewagons, which will be a shame.


Did note the brass on the 25grain load was a little cleaner then the 23, appears to seal up a little better with the heavier load which also rolls up a mite higher as well and allows my short thumbs a better reach to the hammer.


Looks like I'm going to have to knuckle under and get the conversion kit for the SDB as I'll be shooting these a lot and using the single stage press is a pain.

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