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Have you stopped going to CAS matches?

Birdgun Quail, SASS #63663

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If you only have fun while actually shooting, CAS is not for you.


I'm very fortunate to still be able to shoot 4 times per month. Been doing this for 7 years and still no burn-out.



I don't have the words except to say I am impressed by your character.



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I have not stopped, but I have slowed way down. I used to run a club, an annual shoot and hit a monthly at least once a week.


Then I got a life.


Shooting was fun. Life is more fun.


See ya on the range, occasionally.


Very Best Regards,


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We gave gave a lengthy winter break here in MI where we go down to only once match a month for about 4 months. But come April I'm shooting every weekend, assist with putting on a monthy match and am the Match director for our State shoot. I love it and don't plan on slowing down. I still manage to spend time with family, golf with the old man once a week and also still throw some shotput and discus on my own time for fun. Had a buddy who got married and basicaly quit CAS, he had to constantly tell me how big his life was outside of CAS, some can do it and some can't. I don't really care cause I'm having the time of my life. And all the folks that told me my life was gonna be turned on it's ear when my son was born, well they were wrong, I just have a little partner in crime instead now to come along with me :D . I hope this game is around for a long long time.

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Lorelei and I have been shooting CAS for just over 9 years now. In the beginning and for several years we shot 4 weekends each month, sometimes two days each weekend. As time went on, we slowed down a bit, but found that CAS became MORE important to us each year. Financials have forced us to cut down to two weekends each month at two clubs (the closest club to us is 50 miles away, and my Hemi gets around 15 mpg if I drive conservatively [yeah, right], plus $5 in tolls each way). We've had to cut back on our major match attendence, too. But we still love this game!



We've met some of the finest people in the world, and have some terrific friends that we see at the shoots and also at other times too. CAS and CAS people are pretty much our life now, outside of work and each other. I know at some point I'll probably have to give it up for old age and health reasons, but I don't even want to consider that now. I put up with the arthritis pain now during the shoots because the fun and fellowship outweigh the pain. I just wish it were a shorter walk between stages and back to the Jeep!

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Yes we have stopped going to CAS matches. Too Short and I have not participated in a match since the third Mule Camp, however long ago that was. When we started, many years back, there was only one place to shoot in our area, 4 hour round trip. And when we weren't shooting, we were at a gun show or at the loading bench. We slowed down when my mother was stricken with cancer and then I had a heart attack. We've turned in another direction. Through CAS we discovered Cody, WY and spend a great deal of time there and in Yellowstone. CAS in our day, as it were, let us meet some really great folks, some who have since passed on. We still shoot at our range at home and there will always be a place in our hearts for CAS. :)

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