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Georgia State Match 2011

Witch Doctor, SASS # 70062

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Judge'm All Duncan

What is the deal about using 97' shotguns for the BP match. You said it was SASS rules.

The last time I checked it was not SASS rules.

Last year at the GA state match we used lever shotguns and SxS guns.

Please shed some light on this, several of us are interested. Thanx

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Two Ponies,


If you notice on the email that I sent to all who have signed up so far....


I have listed Frontier Cartridge Categories (FC) and BP Categories.


All FC categories will shoot by SASS FC rules (double barrel or lever action shotguns)


All BP categories will compete with standard SASS rules (any legal SASS shotguns).


I hope this clears up any questions. If not please email me at the address you have.


I am in Oak Ridge, Tn. for the Smoky Mountain Shootout and will answer them when I get home.



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