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Stainless Steel loading tube spring

Kiowa Kid, SASS #69870L

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Howdy, I went with the SS spring and follower as it arrived.

It works just fine! I wish I worked that well! :blush:^_^:):huh:;)

Happy trails


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Do you cut to desired length like the older stock springs or just go with length sent.




There are many factors - did you get it specifically for your type rifle and barrel length?


The one I got from Evil Roy's store for my Marlin Cowboy Limited (24" barrel) was a drop in - works great.


GG ~ :FlagAm:

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This is strickly personal with me but has worked very well.


'IF' I use em in my 24", I don't trim any off.....atleast when new.


On my 20" tubes, I INITIALLY cut the spring about 3" longer than the mag tube. Then use if for a few months to see how much it might 'set'.


In the end, for both the 20" and the 24", I will trim the springs about 2" or 2.5" longer than the mag tube.


On a side note: I used a spring in my original Widdermatic that was only about 1" longer than the mag tube with good results. I did this for a few months. But as I learn to pick up speed with the rifle, I wanted my rounds to feed onto the carrier alittle more forceful so I put in a new spring and trimmed the length to about 2.5" longer than the mag tube.


I might also add that I haven't noticed alot of 'set' in every spring I've used. Only in a couple of them and the 'set' was minor.


No doubt, milage varies!


Oh Yea, one other item: If my memory serves me correctly, I've gotten my mag springs from Manatee and Longhunter and both types work perfect. It might be a good idea to ask them about projected 'set', if any, when using their springs.




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I use "rule of hand", which is about 3". Hold the gun muzzle up, drop the spring in the tube, grab hold of the spring Beyond the tube, with yer four fingers wrapped around it, cut it off above the fingers. Bend the end in a little so it don't drag on stuff, and use the factory end inside the follower.

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