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.38 Long Colt

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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Well, in the following order, I picked up the following things...


Colt 1984 .38 Long Colt revolver. Genuine Army Surplus, with GI holster!


200 .358" 125 grain round nose lead bullets with a hollow base.


1 Box of .38 LC Remmington ammo at a local shop for $18.95. It had been sitting on the shelf for a LONG time. :)


1 Set of Lee Carbide dies for the caliber.



Okay, I picked up the revolver cuz I am interested in US Military weapons, and this qualifies. I have not fired yet, but will do so soon. I have a boat load of .38 Special milsurp brass that I will trim to LC length. Since it's not actually headstamped ".38 Special" I figure why not. I know the gun is not SASS legal, except perhaps in the odd Wild Bunch or some other special event/side match, but that's okay, I didn't really get it for that reason.


However, now that I've got the gun, and the ability to reload the caliber, I am wondering what might be out there is this caliber that IS SASS legal. Yes, I know you can run LC's in a gun chambered for Special, but that's not my point. I am simply wondering what old time, or even modern reproduction, guns might be available in .38 Long Colt as a area to look at for "collection" expansion and novelty factor.


(I say "collection" that way for a long reason. While I do have a large gun collection, very few of my guns are what you would call serious "collectable" pieces. I just get something because it interests me, and the price is affordable. It does not matter to me, much, if the gun has been refinished, looks really ugly, or is only worth a hundred bucks or so. If it looks cool and can be safely made to go BANG I would consider a purchase.)


Anyone know of anything?


On a related note, if anyone is shooting .38 Long Colt, how does it "perform" comapred to .38 Special? I know it will not be as powerful, but what about things like accuracy, recoil and so on?

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