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was just wonderin the reasoning behind the no shotgun bandolier rrule? They make some pretty cool ones from old leather. They have been around since the 1600's and are pretty historicaly cool. I dont really care for the shotgun slide,kinda made for the sport modern item. If its a safety thing,please enlighten me. serious question so try to keep the flames to a minimum.


Thanks,and load em hot and heavy

Ornery Oaf

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Bandoleers are legal, check the rules again, you just can't have them tied down.


shooter hand book, page 11


Ammunition required for reloads during the course of any stage must be carried on the shooter’s person in a bandoleer, cartridge/shotshell belt loop, pouch, holster, or pocket or be safely staged as required by stage instructions. Rifle and revolver ammunition may not be carried in a shotshell loop. No ammunition may be carried in the mouth, ears, nose, cleavage, or any other bodily orifice


Bandoleers, cartridge belts, and pouches must be of traditional design (e.g., bandoleers must be loose and not secured in any way to prevent movement). Modern drop pouches, combat style shotgun loops, wrist or forearm bandoleers, and such are not allowed. Pouches shall have a flap and must carry their contents loose, with no special provisions to organize the contents for rapid retrieval. Leather belt slide ammo loops are acceptable; however, shotgun shell slides may not be worn over shotgun loops on an ammo belt. Shotgun loops must be in a single row.

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My leather George Lawrence shotgun bandolero hails from the late 60s.


With 50 loops you could carry a variety of ammo.


I carried it over my shoulder while riding my Yamaha 125 Enduro.


My Winchester Mdl 12 road in a leather scabbard under my right leg.


I can still 'see' a couple drive off when i approached and past them when driving along an irrigation ditch looking for pheasants in eastern Oregon.


elfego :FlagAm:

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Ornery, I'm with you!

The bandoleros get extra style and comfort points from me & my ilk. B)

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