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Some Nice Gun Cases FS


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This old gun case has being kicking around the gun room for years now. I remember it as a kid so it's at least 50 odd years old. It's almost a scabbard as it is heavy leather and the case is barely bendable. It has a soft leather liner in it and a leather carry handle. In very nice condition only problem is the leather strap that secures the flap is missing, an easy fix for most Pards. Its hand tooled with a bear on the front side and a cougar on the back, really western looking. A great case especially for a lever gun as it measures 46 inches long by 10 at the flap down to 4 ½ at the barrel end . $60.00 plus shipping.

















Another case I have for sale is this LL Bean take down style case. I bought it at least 20 years ago and it looks brand new. Use to hunt grouse here in Michigan (we call them Pats here) and the way we hunted is to find a spot and work it and pile back into the truck drive down the road a mite get out and do it an again. This could go on for 8 to 12 times in a day. Here in Michigan you need to have your gun unloaded and cased in the vehicle. Well breaking down that O/U that many times a day just didn't make much sense so I put this case up and went with a full length job. Couldn't have used this one more than twice in all these years. It's padded well, leather trimmed and has a separate compartment for the barrels. Measures 34 inches long by about 10 inches wide. $50.00 shipped









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