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Sambar Stag Grips for the Colt Mustang

Wild Willi

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Pard here are some Non Sass Colt Mustang grips. I was cleaning out the grip box and forund these babies. These are NEW way old stock. These are made by Eagle and are made of genuine Indian Sambar stag. This stag is no longer imported so your chance of getting these is slim to none. These babies are beautiful! I had these hidden away so as they would not remind me of a mistake I made and I forgot I had ever bought them!. I do not own a Colt Mustang and never did I own a Colt Mustang Government 380. The grip frame on my gun is way larger. I had eagle make the grips. When I got the grips they did not fit,

so I gave them a call to complane and the fellow said you got just what you ordered. man was I upset with myself so I put these in the bottom of the box wrapped up so I could not see them to remind me of my dumb error. I can not believe how nice they are. So now I am putting them up for sale. Here is a super bargin cause if I look at these much longer I am going to be forced to buy a gun to put them on!! $165 shipped to you !!!!

They are marked Eagle and imported from India on the back of the grips

Click link for pic, click pic for super sized pic, Also notice no adds like that photo bucket crap!



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