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Couple of pistolas for sale.

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Well pards, I have a couple of pistols that I need to convert into cash. The prices are firm and I am not looking for any trades. Prices include shipping. The C&B will ship to your door, if that is legal in your state. The Vaquero will have to ship to your FFL. Prices include shipping. I will gladly ship to California pards, however I am not familiar with the rules out there so if this increases the cost to ship then the buyer will have to pay the extra shipping. The Vaquero will ship UPS next day air, and the Colt clone will ship UPS or USPS, your choice. Personal checks are fine with me, however I will wait for them to clear before I ship firearms. 3 days non-firing inspection.


I will answer PM's and emails as quickly as I can however the first "I'll take It" on this thread gets it.


1. Ruger Old Model Vaquero. .45 Colt Blue CCH 4 5/8" barrel, Black Birdshead grip. This pistol is in very good condition. The fake Ruger CCH still looks good. I have put less than 1000 rounds through it. All smokeless light cowboy loads. I have been told that Ruger only made 500 of these in this barrel length. I have no idea whether or not this is accurate, or if it would add value anyway. I installed a set of Wolff springs. Other than that it has no work done on it. The original springs will be included in the factory case. I have the factory hard case, including the lock, papers, and the factory fired case. $525.00








2. SOLD Cabellas copy of the Colt Avenging Angel. This is a Pietta 1851 .36 with a fluted cylinder. It came from the factory with a snubby barrel. It has no loading lever. It came with a brass rammer for loading, which will be included with the pistol. Cabellas has not cataloged these for a while. Except for a couple of scratches on the cylinder, the pistol looks very good. I have shot exactly 10 rounds through it. It has had no work done to it. It has the factory nipples in it. It locks up tight, and, except for the scratches on the cylinder, is like new. I still have the factory Cabellas box. The box is a little rough and the topper for the foam is broken, but it still functions and will be included. Guns of the Old West had an article on these pistols. If I can find my copy, I will include it as well. No guarantees on that though. $175.00 SOLD to Buffalo Brady.








Thanks for looking,


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Nice buy BB:


Saint--If for any reason, BB doesn't end up with it, I'm second in line.


If I'm gonna be outdrawn, best be by a great pard like BB. :P


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I'll take that Pietta snubby .36 cal. Will send you a PM with the info.


.2 Pietta sold to Buffalo Brady. (Thank you kindly)


Hey Dawg, I started to send you a message before I posted this, but I thought you had a couple of them. If BB changes his mind you got it pard.




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