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.54 cal Armisport Sharps -Traded Thanks

Mingo Frank

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I bought a .54 cal Armisport Sharps sporting rifle a while back, shot it, liked it , but picked up a 45-70 I like better, so I'm thinning the herd.


It has single trigger, 30 inch octagonal barrel and nice case hardening on the receiver. The floating backer plate in the receiver is nice and loose. You will have little flashback if you keep it clean and lubed.


Pics at http://cid-0ed02c957fb623d7.photos.live.com/browse.aspx/Sharps.1



I will also send a supply of proper sized bullets, nitrated papers, capper, an extra front globe sight,extra nipples, a measure and belt bag to hold it all.


Selling for $500.00 shipped to your door


Will accept discrete PayPal with 5% added ( Shipped for $525.00)




Trades also considered. What do you have?? Really could use a traditional styled, flint longrifle. No Thompson Centers etc

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