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Winchester Model 97 SPF

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I have a very nice Winchester Model 97 12 gauge for sale. This was one of my father's guns as he passed in April of 2009. I can't keep all of these items and my memories of him are well served by other things. It has a very tight action and the bore and chamber is bright and shines like a new nickel. It has a 26 inch barrel that I measured from the bolt face. The barrel is marked CYL. I do believe that this gun had the barrel cut down professionally some years ago and the cyl stamped on the barrel. The gun has quite a bit of original bluing with some cold bluing (not done by me). E series 8646XX made in '39. Stock has typical scratches and dings that any CAS/hunting gun would have. Nice original butt plate. This is a very nice scattergun and the 26 inch barrel makes it very handy and the open choke makes it much easier to hit those targets. I had a difficult time deciding if I was to sell this one or my beloved 21 inch barreled job, as one of them has to go due to my financial situation here. SPF to Frio Kid . The photos don't do it justice. Thanks!















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As long as their is no actual cracks in the stock (scratches and dings are expected) and thats a shipped price, I'll take it.


Sent you a PM. Let me know.


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Just a thought Northman. I have a Winchester 1897 12 gauge takedown with 2 barrels from the factory both with the same serial #

One is 30 inches and marked FULL and the other is 26 inches and marked CYL. A RARE find indeed.


So I was thinking if your Dad's has a 26 inch cyl bore, there could be a chance that there is a 30 inch Full somewhere hiding.

You might want to look around for it. Just sayin'


Big Jake

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