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Fast Harley,SASS#34953

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Welcome Car.Longarm and Mose/Bella.


Mose: Harley is a VERY good writer AND stage designer. And he works hard also. Top notch Pard all the way around.


See ya on Thursday. I'll get to spend alittle time on the speed SG and rifle bays but basically, I'll be camped out all day at the speed pistol bay helping out with the choirs there.


See you in the a.m.




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Deuce, Mose, Boozy, Buck,.....and all you other Cowboys in Oak Ridge this weekend....


If you see those twin Geisha girls from the 'Deep Lagoon Massage Parlor', DO NOT tell them that you are RRR. Don't even tell them that you know him. They have been lookin for him for a couple days and have special plans to keep him 'busy' this weekend.


Hey, I don't make this stuff up.




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Side matches are finished and the stages are ready. Main match today & tomorrow.Sure is great visiting with folks not normally seen in hills of East Tennessee. Let the good times roll.


Hasta Luego,



P.S. A host of Jedi Gunfighters are assembled. May the force be with us.

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