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These next two knifes I would like to sell as a pair as they were made to be. A friend of mine made these up of bayonet blades, I believe they are Swedish blades as there is a crown and some markings on them, look like serial numbers as each blade has a different number. These measure over twelve inches long with an eight and a half inch blade. No sheaths as they were made to be carried in a waist sash the antler spikes acting to keep them in place. I had a photo of me wearing these that way, but I can't find it. $100.00 plus shipping. Now $85.00 Shipped in the lower 48


I had found a faded pencil written note when I pulled these out of a box." Made by John Talon 1983, $80.00." He was from Battle Creek Michigan. If I can find it again I'll include it with the knifes. It's hell to get old and forget where you put things all the time, luckily my teeth are still in my mouth or I'll be eating mush three times a day.:wacko:












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