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lack of 1858 uberti cylinders?

The Indiana kidd

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This is kinda weird, but I cant find anyone who has any 1858 uberti .44 cal cap and ball cylinders "in stock"... and I'm needing a uberti '58 .36 kirst conversion cylinder (which I ordered from buffalo arms) and its been on backorder since the fall. I went on kirst's web site and he's out of the '58 .36 conversion cylinders, I was thinking maybe the retailers bought them from him because since he's out maybe they cant oder any... and with the .44 c+b cylinders, I found that taylors has the best prices (and the only place I found which sells them) and there sold out of them until at least another month, they said that everybody is ordering them...so yeah, I guess I'll just wait and keep lookin. adios

-The Indiana Kidd


EDIT: Dagum I guess I should have put this in the wire forum (dugh!)

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