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ATF Letter on Shotguns

Wolf Bane, SASS 13557

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I did read the entire ruling from ATF (a dry read to say the least); And one thing that I noticed was that they mentioned that SASS was one of the organizations that they would be relying upon for what exactly a "sporting shotgun" was. I guess from that one could infer that all of our currently used guns in our sport will still be importable and the ones that are not we couldn't use in SASS anyway. So from a SASS perspective we are safe for now. It's funny, while I had my FFL a manufacturer/importer of one of the Street Sweepers called me up trying to sell me at least one (if not more) of their units at an unheard of price (almost begging me to purchase one). This was about one month before the hammer was due to fall on the definition of what a Street Sweeper actually was. I was so tempted as I could not have afforded one at its regular price, but I knew that within a month I would be breaking the law by possessing it. So I politely said no, knowing that it was not going to be grandfathered. Smithy.

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When a Saiga drum magazine shows up in the report in the Appendix in full color....


and the ATF resends the memorandum on a shotgun with pistol grip in lieu of a shoulder stock (received a month or two back)....


and Gibbs mentions today that Obama will be discussing gun violence in the near future....


....I guess I just don't believe in coincidences.


Magazines and magazine-fed firearms are in for a review. The Saiga may be the least of the problems.


It may happen if "O" is re-elected in 2012 but I'm betting it won't happen until then. The dems still remember how the Clinton era Assault weapon ban cost them dearly. The DNC mechanics James Corville and Paul Bagal have both said gun control is a loser for the DNC. Al Gore even ammitted the NRA cost him his home state. Harry Reid barely got by by the skin of his teeth last nov and he even has a good NRA rating. I'm betting he won't let any serious gun control measures live too long, at least until after 2012.

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