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Should have posted sooner but all these coins are Sold

Have some vintage silver coins for sale. All these have silver content value and with silver nearing $30.00 an ounce these coins are pretty close to that value in silver alone. I'm not a collector nor able to judge the grade of these coins. I'm only selling them as an era item of what we may think of happier times. We had these type coins in our pockets and bought items that brought us some pleasure….. Be it a piece of candy or a seat at the afternoon movie. If you keep them long enough hopefully they will go up in value as the price of silver rises or at least bring you a moment of a happy memory.


These all have various dates and are in similar condition. All have readable dates and the photos are representative of the coins as all are in the 1940s range.


I have 10 Mercury Head Dimes for sale. These are everybody's favorite. I remember them as a kid as I suppose that you do too. My grandfather would give me a Mercury Dime to run an errand. Might be great to buy a few to show to the grandkids or fondle one and remember what they use to buy. $2.25 each plus $1.00 shipping.





I also have 5 Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Now you were talking real money here. A couple of these could buy a decent toy. Of course they were harder to come by and required more work. Sometime in my young life one Walking Liberty Half was one week's allowance…. I felt wealthy :lol: . $11.00 each. Plus $2.00 shipping.




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I'll take the rest of 'em ...


Let me know the total and I'll send payment the same way.




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