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"Cowboys and Cattlemen" -- book for sale -- SOLD

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Howdy, have a nice book for sale.


"Cowboys and Cattlemen"

A Roundup from MONTANA, the Magazine of Western History

selected and edited by Michael S. Kennedy


"Pioneering Americans-ranches and rides from Texas, cattle raisers and investors from the Midwest and the East, eager have-nots from all over-and enterprising foreigners alike surged into the northern cattle ranges in the years after the Civil War, to make the period of the "Beef Bonanza" one of the most colorful and exciting of American history. While focusiing on this era of lusty activity, with all its fantastic growth and thrusting momentum, these articles, selected from our leading journal of Old West Americana, also cover the barbed-wire revolution and its effects, the challenging of the cattle kings by small ranches and the dawning of a new day in stock raising.

In the lucid and provocative opening section, From Beaver to Beef, Lewis Atherton compares and contrast the truth and legends ("Cattlemen and Cowboy: Fact and Fancy") and Robert Fletcher paints a word-picture of the first years of the period ("The Day of the Cattleman Dawnwd Early-in Montana"). Next, in Rangeland Royalty, comes a group of cattle-country profiles: Conrad Kohrs's in "From Butcher Boy to Beef King," by Larry Gill; Pierre Wibaux's, in "Cosmopolitan Cattle King," by Donald Welch; Moreton Frewen's, in "Cattle King with Monocle," by Ernest Richardson; and the Newman Brothers', in "Frogotten Cattle King of the Northern Plains," by Robert Burns.

In the section, Trail Drivin' and Texans, Michael Kennedy, relates the adventures of Nelson Story ("First Trail Drive to Montana Territory"); James Russell lets big Bob Fudge speak for himself in "Long Trail from Texas"; and Joe Frantz tellls the story of the giant XIT up north ("Texas's Largest Ranch-in Montana"). Stampedes and freeze-ups take a stage in Bad Medicine as Floyd Hardin tells about "Herd Trouble"; Ray Mattison writes the record of "The Hard Winter and the Range Cattle Business" and Wallis Huidekoper gives us "The Story Behind Charlie Russell's Masterpiece."

In Mavericks, off-trail characters abound, as Rufus Coleman presents Daniel E. Bandmann, in "Shakespearean Stockman"; and Gene Gressley, Richard Trimble, in "Harvard Man Out West." A generous miscellany makes Rawhide And Sagebrush, with Frank Dobie recounting the exploits of "Snowdrift, Lonest Of All Lone Wolfs"; Micheal Kennedy retelling the the achievements of Bill Burnett in "Judith Basin Top Hand"; Matt kelly telling about the "Trail Herds Of The Big Hole Basin"; and Allen Toole reminiscing charmingly oh his "Wolf Hunt Summmer."

Action dominates the Rustlers, Renegades And Stranglers section, as Oscar Mueller covers a territirial housecleaning in "Ridding The Range Of Renegades" and Helena Huntington Smith sifts the chaff from "The Truth About The Hole-In-The-Wall Fight." Finally, the twilight of the cattle kingdom is depicted in End Of The Open Range-by Mark Brown, in "Last Round-up," by George Armitage, in "Death Of The Great 79;" by L.A. Huffman, in "Last Busting At Bow-Gun"; and by Mabel Lux, in "Honyockers Of Harlem, Scissorbills of Zurich."

Truly, this is a feast-of vital information and colorful interpretation of one of the greatest periods of our history: the age of open-range ranching, highlighting the parts played by the strong and daring men who made it so great. The dozens of historic photographs and the masterful paintins and drawings by Russell, Borein and others which illustrate this book add depth and meaning to its life-filled text."


copyright 1964

first edition


7 3/4" x 10" tall

364 pages


book is in very good condition with some light shelf wear

dust jacket is also good with some light shelf wear, 2" x 1 1/2" chip at top and around spine

clear mylar jacket protector


$35.00 shipped to you(media rate) in the U.S.A.


SOLD to Doc Diaster


Please post here on the wire if you are interested or need more info.


Thanks for look'n.

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I would like that book pard.

Would you take $30.00 shipped?



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