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Happy Trails, SASS #4461

SOLD -- Uberti Henry Transitional Rifle

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This is basically a Uberti Brass frame Henry in .44-40. It is a faithful copy of the half dozen or so Henry Transitional Models that were made by the New Haven Arms Co. factory (later Winchester) in 1866. This Transitional Henry is made as closely as possible to the handful made by the factory. It is SASS legal and was approved by the Mods Committee a number of years ago.

Here is a link to my old web page that shows the Transitional conversion.


This gun is the Version II model with the full dovetailed slot cover and flat loading gate.


Here are pics of the Henry Transitional. Just click on the link to open the picture.

















Here is a link to the web site RareWinchesters.com http://www.rarewinchesters.com/gunroom/1860/model_60.shtml

This shows a couple of the original Henry Transitional rifles. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page and see serial numbers 13001 and 14994. If you click on the rifle picture it will open a number of close-ups.


The rifle has a complete action job including Whisper Springs, Lightened Mainspring, Short Stroke Kit, and even an aluminum Henry Carrier.


The rifle currently has a Marbles Tang sight but I will include the original Uberti Henry rear sight. The front sight is a period correct Beech fold-up sight.


No trades please. Price $1,250.00 plus shipping of $20.00.


If you have any questions or need more info contact me at HappyTrails4461@cox.net.




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This is a beauty, you are sure tempting me. I hope some buys this before I decide to break into my little piggy back.


Beautiful job. I know you did Doc Red Thunbs rifle also.


Vaya con Dios



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Gentlemen, I have neither the money nor the interest in this rifle, however "Happy Trails" has done some work for me, and it was worth every penny (quite resonable) he charged. If this interests you, I feel it would be resonable at twice the price. BH

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Hey Hap:

I'll take it.

Always wanted you to do one up for me.

Now you have!


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Prairie Dawg,

You have made an incredible decision to buy that Henry Transition. I have HT02 and it is the smoothist cycling rifle I have ever shot in my 12+ years in the sport. Words can not properly describe the magic that Hap performs on any firearm he works on and you will only understand once you work the action of your new rifle.


Good luck Pardner. You have made a very fine purchase.


Doc Red Thumb

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It was a no-brainer really.

I have wanted one for years.

He did my '66 & I have his firing pins in y Open Tops and his reduced power mainsprings in my toggle link rifles.

Hap's a great smith & a fine gentleman.

Needless to say, I'm on cloud 9 right about now.


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