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browning 22 lever action

Trigger Mike

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I went to a gun store during lunch, after a long battle trying to talk myself out of going. I lost and went anyway. While there a guy walks in and asked if they buy guns, he showed them a Browning 22 lever action, looked nearly new, one scratch on the stock, hardly fired from what I could tell, if at all. Smelled faintly of Hoppes which is addicting on its own. He asked to sell it for 350. He did not say it with conviction. The store offered him 250. Said he could put it on consignment and might sell it for 300 and he would get 240 after their 20%. So he flat sold it to them. I kept hoping he would turn down the deal and I would follow him out and offer him 300 cash on the spot(I just cashed amoney order from selling a gun on the forum). Since he sold it to them, I walked up and said I will give you 250 right now to the clek. He retorted he needed to pay rent etc, "poor pitiful me " you know. He got me to 325. I had offered him the 300 cash after he turned down the 250. What is a good price for that gun?

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Bud's has the grade 1 for sale for $471 new in box.


So did ya buy it or hoping to talk them down next time?



I went ahead and bought it, but they are a good store and have let me change my mind before and offer a warranty you will be happy.

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Howdy Mike,

Read your post, sounds like a real find and that's fer sure n' fer certin, I sure do like the old 22's also. Sure would like to see some photos when you can. Here are a few photos of my latest 22. It is a Winchester Model 1906, made in March 1920, now 90 years old. It had a glitch when I bought it, found it it only needed a good cleaning and minor adjustment which I did myself. Works like a charm now. 100% original Winchester.












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gotta love a .22


mine is a Marlin 39A that I've had since I was a boy -- great rifle. The pistol, I just got this year. It's a Ruger, but of the cowboy type ( yea, finally got one of those !! )


Each month at Hidden valley we run the .22 Combo/side match -- most particularly for everyone who likes to bring a favorite .22 shoot a little and discuss w/ fellow shooters. it's my favorite Side Match

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