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Mississippi Fandango 2000

Tex Boden, SASS#19427 L

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I realize this won't mean much to most of you, but I was just walking down the hall past a picture I have not paid attention to in a while and it caught my eye. It's a pic of posse 1 which was, as far as I know, the first saloonitic meeting, of several of the originals, from the original sass Saloon.

Cassidy can probably give more details as he was the host/instigator of this first of many meets!


Here is a list of the names that I wrote on the back at the time.


Sorghum, Chip Tosser,Dapper Dan, Tex Boden, Timberline, Flint Westwood, Sweet Tooth, Molasses, Marshal Stoeger,Marshal Rusty Bore,Shamrock Lil,


Strawberry Lars, Swede Dahling, Mack Weston, Kitty Larue, Sierra Jack Cassidy, T.A. Spurs, and Duke Chisum!


Holman Wisconsen, Oct. 2000



Tex(waxin nastalgic)Boden :blush:

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HEYYyyyyyy... I recogonize some of them folks,




Good to see you two fellas is still around.


NOW,,, How bout a hand get'n a tree for the Saloon (ACS)

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Hey there little feller how ya doin????????


That was one heck of a possee. Sure miss Duke and I hope Mack is doing well these days!


Merry Christmas to ya Tex and all the rest. Hope I see ya this year. You ain't gettin any younger ya know! :)

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