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Kinda OT ... Auction Updates

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Been following a couple of interesting items.


The 20" 1897 Winchester is currently at $870, and here's a couple of other beauties ...


1894 Winchester, currently at $11,000 ... http://www.gunrunnerauctions.com/listings/...emnum=975804284


1873 Winchester Musket, currently at $3,820 ... http://www.gunrunnerauctions.com/listings/...emnum=976233500


1865 Spencer, currently at $5,210 ... http://www.gunrunnerauctions.com/listings/...emnum=975803652


And just for fun, a Daisy 1894 "Buffalo Bill" BB gun, currently at $230 ... http://www.gunrunnerauctions.com/listings/...emnum=976400732


So many cool guns, and so little money. :blush:

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