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(Uberti)Remington 1875 Outlaw

Flat Water Bob

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VTI has reduced power mainsprings. When I bought mine they were the only source. May want to get extra hand springs as well. I was told to get the ones for the 58 Remington, YMMV.



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If those pistols fit your hands you are in for a great time, AND the style points are tremendous.


The VTI reduced effort main springs are the ticket. Also you can re-arch the springs to fine tune them and make final adjustments with the spring tension screws in the front of the grip frame. Something often overlooked is to make sure the main spring doesn't hit the frame as the revolver is cocked. This can make cocking a real effort, especially toward the end of the hammer's rearward stroke.


The hand spring thing is another matter. My gunsmith made mine for both sets of pistols so I've never had one break, (I'm knocking on wood as I type this). The Remington New Army hand spring seems to be the ticket by consensus here.


Otherwise, make 'em as slick as you can and have fun. Mine were just recently completely overhauled after probably twenty-five or thirty thousand rounds through them and lots of black powder too. If they're set up right they will be virtually trouble free.


And you should join SCORRS. There's lots of info and support to be had from their website. There's a large photo collection to be seen there too! :blush:

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