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My old Gentleman 16 gauge, is loosening up and needs some special attention. While I have been feeding him mild rounds, he needs his adjustment collar moved at least one position to the left. And, while that looks reasonably simple. thought it would be advisable to ask where instructions might be found or guidance and tips from those who have. If you have taken such steps with satisfactory results, please pass on any advice you have. Many thanks in advance. Idaho Sagerider 88321

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It's pretty simple....If I were there I could do it for you.....If you don't want to do it yourself get with Shady Lane or Packer...they will do it for you no problem...


If you decide to do it....Check to make sure that you have adjustment left....tightening would be done by rotating the sleeve counter clockwise.....If you have teeth left, you would unscrew the screw (part #8) on the right side of the barrel extension (part #5).....this will release the tension on the little wedge........rotate the ring one or more teeth (tighten) and try the fit......if you need more give it more.....if it's a little tight back it off etc...........




But whatever you do, MAKE SURE YOU TIGHTEN THE SCREW..........if you don't, you will play hell getting it off.....it will just spin in the receiver......



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