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Little Roundman, SASS #72001

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I need your help again. I'm looking at a used Cimmaron, Uberti, Lightning. The barrel is marked .38 Colt & .38 S&W. BUT, under the ejector rod shroud it is clearly stamped .38 Spec. The ejector and shroud must be removed before the cylinder can be removed for cleaning or the .38 Spec would not be visable. Is this revolver safe to fire with .38 Spec. cowboy smokless or black powder loads? The .38 specials fit the cylinder, but that doesn't make it safe.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Little Roundman

SASS 72001

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Yes they are made for the 38sp. You don't have to remove the ejector housing to remove the cylinder, push the ejector rod down while at the same time remove the base pin. At first you'll think you need three hands, but with a little practice it's very easy. Godd Luck.



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