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New and Unique Vendor at Convention

Widder, SASS #59054

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The big deal???? She's pretty :FlagAm: and the product is unique. ;)


Just a few more days until the convention. I am taking up money if anyone needs me to pull a handle for them. :blink:



That's special.We aren't all able to go to the convention though

Obviously it must be a product i can easily live without since it's such a big secret...Jeez

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Done, nope, it don't start till I get thar. An that's Tuesday. Vendors don't really open till Thursday, but we always try to sneak in on Wednesday.

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It is hard to know for sure who Wider is talking about, with that "Walking in a Widerwonder Land" stuff but I have it on good authority he has been conversing regularly with this lady


Lady T


But I also hear he converses regularly with a certain forum prowler that shall not be named (but she does not use an e very often.) :unsure:


Not sure who he is talking about since there will be so many great vendors there along with so many great pards. Cant wait to see them all. Maybe even find a way to spend a few dollars.


Shenny, you are right, it can not be over, I have not yet begun. See everyone there I hope. Looking forward to the TSA exam. I can not remember if I am supposed to fast the night before or not.

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