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There WILL Be a Best Dressed Costume Contest at EOT

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Well, never let it be said that your voices have not been heard. You spoke up and let it be known that costuming is still important to the members of SASS. You said you wanted a Best Dressed costume contest at EOT. Your voices have been heard and SASS is listening. We have been talking with Cat quite a bit the past couple of days and she has asked us to post the update.....there will be a Best Dressed costume contest at EOT!!

The contest will be on Friday night, details such as time to be announced later. There will be two categories, Best Dressed Female and Best Dressed Male. You get to decide what your "best dressed" is, whether it be classic cowboy/cowgirl, B-Western, Native American, Victorian Day Dress or Evening Wear such as ballgowns, period tuxedos, dinner gowns, etc; it is your decision. So, put on "your" best dressed outfit and enter this contest. Alli, Kate and I can't wait to see you all there and see what wonderful outfits you are going to wear!!!

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