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  1. Since stepping down from President of Eldorado; my family and I have been able to travel a little bit more and visit some clubs that we were unable to do before. I say that to preface this, (and the thread on club addresses was the catalyst for my thread); a lot of club websites are sorely lacking in NEEDED content. First and foremost... WHEN do you shoot? A calendar with dates and STARTING time (don't just tell me winter hours and summer hours - when EXACTLY is the sign up, safety meeting and start time). If, as a first time shooter to your club; I need to a waiver - tell me. I hate arriving and then waiting while someone tries to locate waivers for my entire family, (especially the clubs requiring a range waiver AND club waiver - just let me know. I'll print it and bring it with me). Yes, while I need an address or CLEAR directions to your club - I additionally need a general idea of where you are. 20 miles Northwest of town center is helpful information to assist in choosing where I'm looking for lodging. It is incredibly frustrating to book a hotel and find out you stayed on the wrong side of the metroplex area because all you had to work with is the name of the nearest town adjacent to the range. I need a phone number of someone willing to answer a call or return a message in a timely manner. Especially regarding monthly events; you shoot on Saturday - I get a wild hair on Friday to maybe skip out of work early and head to your match but need information - I cannot wait hours or days for a return email. Cost of your shoot. Some shoots are $10 for a monthly - some are $25. Not life changing money - but for three of us shooting; $30 or $75 is a tank of gas difference. There are a 100 other things I would like to see on your website - but the above are the most important to me. What things are important to you?
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