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Found 3 results

  1. Ok. Here goes... This is a duelist shooter. Pistols are staged on a table for the pistol portion of the stage. At the beep, shooter grips one pistol in each hand firing one while the other only remains in contact with the table via the end of the barrel. He then shoots the other pistol and moves on. It is my understanding from some on here that is a no call. That being said, here is the wtc/question: Duelist shooter...scenario is rifle shotgun pistol. Pistols holstered. Shooter completes rifle, then shotgun. He gets to pistol portion and draws and fires 4 rounds from the first revolver leaving hammer down on a spent case with one live round left in the cylinder. He rests the end of the barrel on the table in front of him and draws and fires 5 rounds from the 2nd pistol. He realizes he has one left to shoot and does so with the first revolver completing the correct sequence. WTC
  2. This actually happened to me (fortunately during a warmup stage) at EOT 2 or 3 years back. I was focused on covering ground & had a brain fart with the pistols. Without too much detail, fired 2 rounds & took a step with both feet. Hammer was down on spent round & not cocked until the new location of both my feet. Is it a SDQ already with no options? Or, since I haven't fired it yet at the new location, could I move the cylinder so the hammer is on either open or spent round, take the 3 (or 8?) misses & move onto the other guns? And, lastly, could I fix it as just described & shoot the 2nd pistol, then moving on to the other guns?
  3. Thank you to all that answered the previous WTC. It cleared up some concerns I had when running the timer. Now I have a slightly different one based on the same stage Pistol targets have one dump target and one knockdown. Rifle targets have one dump target and one knockdown. Stage calls for 9 pistol shots on the pistol dump target and then shoot the pistol knockdown. Move to rifle and shoot 9 rifle shots on rifle dump and shoot the rifle knockdown. Shooter starts and shoots the 9 shot dump on the pistol dump target and then, instead of shooting the pistol knockdown, they shoot the rifle knockdown successfully. Here's the change in the way the shooter might shoot it. They then move to the rifle table and shoot the 9 rifle dump successfully and then, because there is no knockdown available, shoot the 10'th shot on the dump target. What's the call? The way I understand it, it should be 2 misses and a procedural. I miss for the knockdown left standing, I miss for not engaging where the rifle knockdown was and a P for shooting the dump target 10 times. What's y'all think! NNV
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