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Found 3 results

  1. Up for sale or trade is an excellent condition Rock Island 1911 A1 in .45 ACP. Bought this for Wild Bunch, but recently acquired another 1911. This comes with the original box, grips and 1 magazine. Asking $450 and I'll cover the shipping to your FFL. Will only ship according to all federal and state laws. Open to interesting trades. Let me know what you've got.
  2. Howdy I know there's the Wild Bunch Forum but haven't an account there, so I am asking here. Also, searching the forums didn't help. Not started WB yet and looking for a holster. I've seen a lot with backwards / "FBI" canting angle. As far as I read in the handbooks, the 170° rule applies also in WB. So, muzzle must point downrange within the 170° cone with the exeption of drawing and holstering (holsters of any style) where you must stay within 180°, holstering not relevant for WB, of course. For CAS I have a cross draw holster and I rotate my body for muzzle control. Well, what do you do with a backwards cant holster? I suppose nobody does some kind of limbo dance while drawing... Do you manage that the muzzle is pointing already (at least) straight downwards when it clears the leather? Or is the rule not applicable until you rack the slide? Please educate me! Equanimous Phil
  3. The Texas Doughboys Wild Bunch Action shooting club is proud to present 3 big days 12 stages several great side matches including BAMM , GAMM ,popgun, Texas 30, trench sweep etc. make plans to attend the sass wild Bunch Texas state championship to be held in historic Bowie ,Tx at the Gunrunner private shooting range. Contact Dusty Boddams. jhurst@pwhome.com
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