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  1. Been reading replies to some other threads about a bunch of different subjects, mostly about shotgun, such as stuck hulls, resizing the bases after finishing the reloading of the hulls, how much to hone the chambers to ensure easy extraction/shucking of expended ammo, etc. One thing that jumped out at me was how many actually put One Shot, or silicone spray or some other favorite lubricant on their shells. I am not a top gun with the shotgun but a decent shotgun run for me is about 3.9 - 4.1 for four shots. I run Johnny Meadows SKB's and he does an excellent job of honing the mouths and polishing the chambers to minimize sticking. I just keep them clean and run them. I only use STS or Nitro 27 hulls in my guns. I do not use lubricants of any kind on the shells themselves because it makes the shells harder for my old hands to grip properly to load. I will run a silicone rag into the chambers maybe every third stage using one of the Pro Shot handles with a bore mop on it to push the rag around and that will suffice for lubricant and cleaning. Sometimes I just use the bore mop without the silicone rag. I do run all of my shells through a MEC Supersizer prior to loading on a MEC 9000GN to reduce the bases to minimum size and lower the lever pressure on my shoulders as I typically load about 500-700 or so at a time. (yes I know the press has a collet to resize the base but the "pre" sizing seems to make my arms ache less at the end of a session). I will use a case gauge on every shell and any that do not enter and fall freely are sized yet again on the Supersizer. Any that fail a second case gauge go into the practice only box. I then box up my shells and case gauge them again at the range before they go into the belt. BTW I have 3 case gauges that are all slightly different from one another as far as their internal dimensions, two that I got from C&I one from an estate sale with no identifier on it. I use the tightest C&I at home the other C&I (next tightest goes to the range) and the other (loosest) stays in the extra parts box. It has been several years (2-3 at least) since I had a stuck hull. So what do you do? Regards Gateway Kid
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