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Found 8 results

  1. I have an Uberti 1860 Henry carrier block that has been modified to take short rounds with the side set screw. I used it Civil War reenacting to feed heavily crimped 38-40 made into blanks in either a 45 or 44-40 Henry. It would work on short .44 Russian or .45 Cowboy. I'll do $60 shipped, PRICE NOW $50 since a new, unmodified carrier block is $60 plus shipping from VTI. I gave $75 plus shipping 10 or 12 years ago. Pics to follow
  2. Uberti 61 navy with kirst gated conversion cylinder. Overall good shape but looks like someone used a little cold blue to touch up the underside of the barrel in a couple spots. This one has an ejector. Asking $500 shipped as a cap gun and the conversion cylinder shipped separately. 38 special ammo runs fine but you have to adjust the OAL shorter. Check, money order or Paypal friends and family all work for me. T.F. Jack
  3. Taylor's and Co. conversion cylinder. Save yourself $60+ shipping. You can have this one for $180 shipped. Low round count on the pistol and cylinders. Check, money order, or PayPal friends and family accepted. Sold *Uberti 58 Remington in 36 caliber. Kirst gated conversion with ejector. Will ship directly to your door with the 36 cal cylinder installed and the kirst conversion shipped separately. Asking $550 shipped.*
  4. I have a pair of Uberti cattlemen in 38/357 Grips are laser engraved with stars $600 for the pair. $20 to ship to ffl rossi mares leg in 38, 357 $350 $20 to ship to ffl marlin 1894 38/357 18.5 barrel jm marked checked stock $700 all these gun are in excellent condition and I have all boxes for them except maybe the marlin but I may have it in attic. If your close by come seethed one Sunday located in Waxahachie, TX mid interested let me know I will get some better pictures. thank you
  5. Uberti 36 cal percussion cylinder asking $60 shipped. I dont recall it ever being used. If it was it wasn't much. Taylor's & Co drop in conversion to 38 spl for a Uberti 36 cal. $200 shipped. Not really looking for any trades but ....?.... Check, Money order, or PayPal friends and family or add 3% to cover the fees.
  6. Let me start by saying I’m not much of a gunsmith when it comes to my rifles. I was fortunate in Tennessee to have a great gunsmith associated with our club who was close by. Out here in Western Washington it’s about a 4 hour round trip to get to a gunsmith who’s truly familiar with CAS guns. I hadn’t been to a match in about 3 years until last month. I was using reloaded ammo from a pard who I trust implicitly. However, one bullet wasn’t seated as far into the brass as it should have been (I shoot 38’s). It caused a jam in my Uberti ’66 carbine. It took awhile but a couple of days after the match I finally figured how to get it unjammed. However, in the process I took apart more than I knew how to put back correctly. I made the 4 hour round trip to the gunsmith and he got everything back in place and working. I was shooting a match Sunday (all factory fresh Remington ammo) and on the first 2 stages the rifle worked perfectly. But on the 3rd stage when I levered the rifle and pulled the trigger there was no round to shoot. I did it a second time thinking it was just something I did wrong and the carrier got the round up and I fired the first round. From then on I pretty much had to lever the rifle 2 times to get a round in position to fire, but not every time, through the rest of the stages. Before I make 2 more round trip to the gunsmith I was hoping y’all might have some suggestions of simple things I could check out. One thought I had is that the magazine spring is just flat worn out and isn’t putting enough pressure on the rounds to push them back where the carrier picks them up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Uberti / Cimarron's Expertly Tuned and Short Stroked by Ken Griner of Griner GUNWORKS: 1873 Short Rifle .357 / .38 CA271 $1620.00 1873 Short Rifle - Pistol Grip .357 / .38 CA213 $1690.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper .357 / .38 CA2022 $1620.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper - Pistol Grip .357 / .38 CA2025 $1690.00 1873 Short Rifle 45LC CA281 $1620.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper - Pistol Grip 45LC $1690.00 We have other rifles in stock ready to be tuned and short stroked. It only takes a short 3-6 weeks for Griner GUNWORKS to complete. We also have a pair of Vaquero's .357 4.62" barrel - Tuned and Ready to Ship! $1500.00 for the pair! And an 1878 Coachgun Tuned with reversed triggers -Ready to go! $715.00 Call us at 970-385-4141 or visit our Website http://evilroy.com
  8. Looking for a used Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Short Rifle, with 20 inch barrel, chambered in 45 LC. Would be great if it was already match ready.
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