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Found 1 result

  1. I read a lot of posts on the wire - even some that I really don't have a lot of interest in specifically; but I enjoy seeing folks interactions. One thing I often see is, shooters telling others that their choice of equipment is not nearly as important as some others claim. An example: X model gun is just as good as Y model gun for most shooters in our game because "somebody" shot the X model gun really fast in a youtube video and "somebody else" won a world championship with it 25 years ago. And if "those somebodies" can do that with the X gun faster than the average shooter can shoot the Y gun - then obviously the average shooter doesn't need a Y gun because they can't even use the full potential of the so called slower gun. Please stop doing this. It is a disservice to anyone who might actually take this bad advice to heart. In any activity; certain "some bodies" may be able to take lesser equipment and still out perform you - but so what? A professional bike racer might be able to trade you his carbon fiber race bike for your Schwinn Beachcomber with fat tires, white wicker basket and shiny chrome bell and then still beat you in a race. So obviously even the Schwinn is faster than you were capable of using it. And it's true; you may never get the full potential out of a race bike - But the very simple question remains, "On which bike, are YOU faster?" Better equipment makes you better. Use lesser equipment if you want to. For appearance, for historical significance, for economics - for any reason you choose. But stop telling people better equipment won't improve them because they can't yet make full use of what they already have or because "somebody" is faster than them with lesser equipment. That is simply untrue.
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