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Found 2 results

  1. Pietta 58 Remington 44 cal. This ones to nice for the abuse I put them through. The good: action feels like a brand new gun, locks up like fort knox, minimal handling marks. The bad: whomever fit the stag horn grips needed a lot more practice before they did it. the 3 spare cylinders are well used and show a good bit of wear. *edit* I found a 4th cylinder buried in the parts bin. Looks to be in new condition. Asking $300 shipped to your door for the pistol and 4 spare cylinders. Or i'll take $220 shipped just for the gun and $30 each cylinder shipped. not really looking for any trades but........?....... Check, Money Order, or PayPal friends and family (or add 3% for the fees please)
  2. For Sale: One AWA Peacekeeper in .45 Colt with 4.75-inch barrel. These came tuned from the factory. The action is smooth as butter. One AWA 1873 in .45 Colt with 4.75-inch barrel. The grips are new (OEM) and need to be fitted to feel perfect in the hand. They fit well enough now to use. These are the pistols that got AWA sued by Colt. Colt won because the court ruled that the average Joe would not be able to tell the difference between the AWA and the real Colt. To prove their point, I do have people stop me and ask if they are real Colts. I want to sell them as a set. I would like $1050.00 and I'll pay for shipping. What are the differences between the AWA “Peacekeeper” and the AWA “1873”? The AWA Peacekeeper was factory tuned. The 1873 was not. They look identical. Are you the original purchaser of both? No. If not, how many previous owners? Unknown. I bought both at gun shops. How would you rate each pistol? Good. Are there any issues with either pistol? They both function perfectly. They were my main match guns. I have owned them both for a year and never had them totally torn down. Other than the factory work, are there any replacement parts? Springs? Not since I had them. How is the lockup and timing of each? It appears fine. How are the bores? Forcing cones? Cylinders? Etc.? They look good. Other than the cylinder rings, are there any major scratches, dings, etc.? See the photos. There are some scratches on the shoulders of the 1873 from screwdriver wear. The CCH appears to have been rubbed on the 1873 and fading on the Peacekeeper. What is the round count of each? Unknown. So the grips are not the originals? The Peacekeeper grips are original as far as I know. The 1873 came with some poor aftermarket grips and I bought a set of new, old stock AWA grips. It is hard to tell from the pictures – is there any holster wear on either pistol? None noted. What forms of payment do you accept – PayPal (F&F), USPS Money Order, others? Paypal can cancel an account if they find a payment is for a firearm. I will take a USPS MO or personal check if you don’t mind waiting for it to clear before I ship. Are you shipping FFL to FFL? If your FFL will accept shipment from a non-FFL I can ship it via UPS.
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