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  1. My doctor came over to my shop yesterday to discuss a piece of furniture that I’m building for him. He’s quite a Colt 1911 collector and in our discussion I showed him some of my C&B (black powder) loading equipment and supplies. He got this weird look on his face and when I was done with the tour he sat me down and went over all of the reasons that it was not a good idea to shoot smoky rifles, pistols and shotguns. My lungs are not in good shape and he felt strongly that shooting black powder and subs would be detrimental to my health. So I have decided to part with anything black powder related, except for my Ruger Old Armies that can be used with conversion cylinders shooting smokeless. First up is the only rolltop C&B loading center in the world. I built this a few years ago when I was laid up with an inflamed sciatic nerve and Sedalia Dave posted something similar that he had built sans the rolltop. I will throw in the Tower Of Power loading press and the two brass powder dispensers in the deal for $525.00 shipping is additional and I will ship the Tower Of Power separately. You’ll notice in the picture that there is an assembly bolted near the Tower Of Power. If you remove that and the Tower Of Power and bolt that assembly where the Tower of Power was you can load the cylinder on the pistol. If I were to build another one of these I would only incorporate three drawers total because the drawer knobs are a little hard to manipulate in this configuration. If you’ve got big fat fingers it may be problematic.
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