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Found 4 results

  1. The September issue of Adventure Sports Outdoors is available on-line. Nice article about CAS bullets on page 96. http://asomagazine.com/september-2019/
  2. Lee Load-Master - $350 (NOTE: All items purchased within last 3 months) This is a complete Lee Loadmaster, with all the additional parts & accessories to reload: • .38 Special • .357 Magnum • .45 ACP I know the 38/357 kit allows you to do both with one set of components, but I bought two, so they would be setup and ready standalone, on the shelf. Ready for use without readjustment. So, this press is all set for three different calibers. I have a 9mm shell plate, I’ll just include that free. Contains: • Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure w/complete set of disks • Safety Primer Feed Small kit • Case Feeder • (1) 5-hole turret Additional accessories (All are Lee Precision parts): • (3) Shell Plates for .38 special, .357 magnum, and .45ACP • (3) Complete die sets for .38 special, .357 magnum, and .45ACP • (Die sets include: decapping, shell sizing, powder, bullet seating, & shell crimping) • Pro Auto Drum Powder Measure w/small & large drums • Quick Change Drum set (4 additional drums) • Pro Auto-Disk Adjustable Powder Charge bar • Powder System Riser • Load-Master Large Primer Feed System • Auto Prime Shell Holders kit • (4) Decapping pins • Ergo Prime had priming tool • Steel base bench block • Bench plate kit • Shell loader case collator (+2 stabilizer clips) • (2) 5-hole turrets
  3. Howdy, I'm looking for a Dillon XL 650 caliber conversion kit for 45-70 Government. Also looking for a 45-70 die set. Are there any sore shoulders out there ready to part with one or both? Thanks for reading! RP
  4. These items are all new. When I started reloading, a few years ago, I bought some things I dont need. My prices are based on Midway and are marked down. This is not a fire sale. Prices are each and shipping is extra. No trades or Pay pal. US Post Office Money order for your total plus shipping costs, like on Gun Broker. PM me your list and zip code and I will get a shipping cost for you. Send me your email addy and I will send you a picture of the items you are interested. AMMO boxes 23 Frankfort Arsenal #505, Flip-Top Ammo Box holds 50 rounds, 17 Remington, 204 Ruger, 223/556 and 300 blackout. $2.25@ 14 MTM J-20, slip top boxes, holds 20 rounds for: 22-250, 243 & 308 Winchester. $1.75@, MISC. RCBS Pro-2000 Progressive Press, Die Plate $20 45 LC, Lee Carbide Factory Crimp die $18.00 Hornady Quick Change bushings $9.00@ , for a Rock Chucker to use Hornady Quick Connects Dillon, Powder measure with a large bar, powder die, tool head and stand plus a vibrator for consistent powder throws. $120 4 powder dies $11@ 1 large charge bar $25 2 medium charge bars $25@ For a 650: Powder checker $60 10mm/40S&W Dillon dies, unbroken seal $65 10mm/40S&W change kit, unbroken seal $75 500 10mm/40S&W hard cast, Badman bullets $40 Frankfort Arsenal primer tube filler $45.00 BULLETS 2 boxes, Hornady 30 cal, 150 gr, .308 RN, interlock $20@ 59 bullets, Hornady 30 cal, 150 gr, .308 RN, interlock $10 2 boxes, Hornady, 38 Cal. 357, 125 gr, XTP $16@ 75 Bullets, Hornady, 38 Cal. 357, 158 gr, XTP $14 3 boxes, Sierra, 9mm, 115 gr FMJ $18@ 1 box, Sierra, 9mm, 90 gr JHP $16 75 bullets, Sierra, 357, 158 gr JHP $14
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