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  1. Realizing that we’re all on a temporary hiatus from Cowboy Action Shooting™, we wanted to help you maintain your proficiency in the absence of being at the range. Welcome to PRVC’s Virtual Cowboy Shooting - a chance for you to practice and maintain your shooting and transition skills with the help of your computer while at home. PRVC’s Virtual Cowboy features a set of virtual scenarios and a PRVC Virtual Cowboy Shot Timer (YouTube video) that runs on your computer. Each week we’ll be adding "virtual" scenarios for you to download and print. Then, all you have to do is say your line, click on the spacebar to tell the TO you are ready to start, wait fo the beep, and virtually fire away. At the end, you can record your time and reshoot if you like. And, to make it even better, you’ll always be FIRST and CLEAN because you're the only one to count the MISS's and call any P’s!! Better yet, it's for our Pards, and it's free!!! Want to try it? Simply click HERE to go to our website and then click on the Virtual Cowboy Shooting tab. Thanks for shooting with us… PRVC Deputies: Bushy Blonco, Dust ’N Bottles, Roger Rapid, Sidewinder Bill Pozo River Vigilance Committee at Lazy Arrow Santa Margarita, California PS: If you have trouble with the link, go to: www.PRVCatLazyArrow.com
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