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  1. This gun cart is one that I built for the LOCAS raffle winner for last year, I’ll bet you can’t guess her alias. It’s taken me quite a bit longer on this one because of wrecking my truck and having it in the shop for 6 weeks and then my daughters illness and lots of trips to Az. Anyway it’s finished. The cart winner wanted a custom rustic finish but the guy they wanted to do the finish isn’t doing it anymore so her and her husband, Stubby Pete finished it themselves. It’s built out of rustic alder and through dovetails, sliding dovetails and mortise and tennon joinery were used for joinery. I did a few extras like the ammo bag holder in the bottom of the chest that holds 8 canvas loading bags standing on end, 4 in each compartment and then a spent brass bin for .45 Colt and one for.32. The top tray will hold two boxes of Sg shells and then other match essentials. The other top tray will hold glasses, ear plugs and other match needs and I also included a slot that her cell phone can ride in. I built one side of this tray with a sub tray that lifts out and there is more storage area underneath it. You’ll notice the brass pipe up above the barrel bracket and that is for her SG chamber brush. The twin cup holder is larger than normal to accommodate her insulated coffee cup and hand wipes to keep the lead off. Double Diamond did all of the leatherwork. The roses on the chest medallion are embossed and carved and stand out 1/2” or more, it’s hard to tell in the pictures. He worked closely with the cart winner and I think he really did an excellent job. The handles have 40-65 brass mounted so that she can hang her empty hull bag from one peg and a jacket or something from the other. This cart is really light weight and breaks down very easily and she’ll be carrying it in her Ford Edge.
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