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  1. Hello, I couldn't find a "new members" introduction section. Hopefully this is the right place for this post. I like firearms competition, and Cowboy Action interests me. I have shot as a guest with the Greene County Regulators and the Oak Ridge Outlaws. A big shoutout to both clubs for welcoming a newbie and answering endless questions. And for letting me use your firearms and freely giving ammo! Yes, I still need me some guns. I like the people I've met, and I like the limits on technology. I like the "spirit of the game." Many of the other sports seem to push speed and accuracy through technology rather than skill. That said, I do plan to slick up my CAS guns for speed. My bias in the other sports is more about not buying scopes or red dot sights until they are the reason I'm not doing better. How good am I? Middle of the pack on a good day. I have an occasional good day. Slowly been getting my gear together... Very slowly as funds permit. This month, I ponied up for membership and to establish the name (John Kloehr) which I really can't believe nobody else has taken before me. A few months ago, I bought a cart. I have most of an outfit, but will need to read the rules for the additional accessories required depending on division. Still need a pocket watch whether required or not; I just want one! But to really participate, I'm gonna need me some guns. They are kind of important. Hopefully in a few months. Until then, I will have a lot more questions. And here is a picture of me with borrowed guns and leather:
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