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Found 3 results

  1. today is the first time dealing with the marlin jam where the cartridge comes out to be lifted and seated but gets stuck, was one hell of a jam.... primer side of shell was elevated but seemed like the lead was still stuck into the tube.... help please... here or email me at jasonleibyusmc@icloud.com...... Thank You Sheriff Sam
  2. I have a Marlin 94 in .45 Colt made sometime in the 90's that needs work. It is still bone stock but I think it is starting to need some help to keep going. I am NOT interested in a short stroke. Who would be good to work on it? Carrier, one-piece firing pin,, trigger, springs, chamfer the chamber mouth, and anything else needed replaced or fixed. Then a good action job. I am interested in gunsmith names and contact info. What would you Marlin shooters have worked on or replaced. I am 75 so not interested in a short stroke kit anymore, it won't change the sundial timer reading for me.
  3. Need a Marlin gunsmith!!! Have a friend in Indianapolis, who wants to drive to a gunsmith. He has a 336 in .30-30 that needs some work as it is grouping 3"-5" at a 100 yards. Takes a Mack truck to pull the trigger, hammer has a 1000 lb spring. You get the idea, in need of a good action job. Need the chamber and barrel checked also to make sure no one has worked on it and the barrel crown is good. If the Marlin jam can happen fix before happens. Maybe add a ting sight.
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