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Found 2 results

  1. SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED IN POSTED PRICES Guns: Shipping from private individual to your FFL M&P AR 15-22 sport with 3 mags: $400 SPF * less than 2500 rounds through it Pair of Cimarron Man with No Name 38 spl boxes and paperwork all there. $800 SPF * Low round count probably less than 100 rounds through each. No work other than deburred internals Taurus M85 38 spl with box and paperwork $300 SPF *also low round count. less than 250 rounds Charter Arms pink path finder 22 mag $300 * low round count less than 100 rounds through it. Molds: all lyman and ideal molds $30 each * buy 2 or more of them and i'll include a pair of handles. * notations on paper are the measurements I pulled off a bullet poured from that mold. RCBS mold $40 * never used new in box condition Leather: Brown holsters $10 each SPF Black holsters $20 each Belts $10 each * burgundy is stamped 38 near the buckle. 38/357 loops SPF * I wear 40" pants and I can get both of them buckled in the last hole but cant breath 12 ga shotshell slides $10 each All SPF 38/357 shell holders $5 each SPF Chaps $30 each * mens Harley Davidson size medium. 31" inseam and there's a missing button on the cuff. * ladies no name brand size medium. 25" inseam. Misc: Spurs and straps $40 SPF Powder flask $20 each SPF Forgot to mention i'd consider some trades. 44/40 brass, 300 grain .458" mold, single barrel 12ga, 12ga sxs. Maybe other stuff. i'm open to offers. Thanks, T.F. Jack
  2. 1. Uberti 1851 Navy in .36 cal. Steel frame. 7.5" barrel. Circle pattern brass tacks in the grip. Treso nipples. Comes with original box. $300 $280 shipped. SPF 2. Uberti 1851 Navy in .36 cal. Steel frame. 7.5" barrel. Star pattern brass tacks in the grip. Treso nipples. Comes with original box. $300 $280 shipped. SPF 3. Pietta 1860 Army in .44 cal. Steel frame. 8" barrel. Treso nipples. No box. $220 shipped SOLD 4. Old West Reproductions (R. M. Bachman) Cap and Ball rig. Includes both holsters for 1851 Navy revolvers and belt (measures 34-38"). Holsters are the ones with the floral pattern. $350 shipped. Reduced to $300 Shipped 5. Old West Reproductions holster for 1860 Army. Holster is the one with fringe. $160 shipped. Reduced to $150 Shipped 6. Miscellaneous cap and ball gear. Message me if you spot something you need. The cappers and small flasks are left. Mostly sold.
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