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Found 1 result

  1. In my double-barrel percussion shotgun, I use an over-powder wad, a cushion wad, and an over-shot wad, in my shot-column. I know, I know, some folks use that method, and some have their own concoction of a shot column, based on their own trial and error experiences. I remember, as a boy, the shotgun shells I would buy were made of paper, and had a paper/cardboard type "shot cup" inside. Today, I suppose most of the shotgun shells have their shot cups made out of plastic, or something like that. Anyway, I haven't found any made out of paper/cardboard, and I am not interested in using a plastic shot-cup in my muzzleloader. Been there, and did not like it. I'm not a fan of plastic and blackpowder bores being together. I just thought one made out of paper/cardboard might be a good thing to use in my shot column, and may keep the shot together, after firing, like it does with a modern shotgun. I have been toying with the idea of trying to make one, but I was wondering if anyone has thought of, or uses, or made/tried something similar to a paper shot cup in their muzzleloading shotgun? I don't mind using the standard shot-column, it is fun to build a load, and I realize that a muzzleloading shotgun will not be as efficient as a modern, smokeless shotgun. I am not trying to duplicate the modern shotgun in my muzzleloader. I'm just wondering if this might be fun to fool around with, to see how it does, and how it might affect the shot pattern on the paper boards I use to develop a load. Perhaps someone has been there, done that, and might share their experiences. Or not. Thanks. W.K. "I'm sorry", and "I apologize", mean the same thing....except at a funeral.
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