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  1. We’ve moved a lot for the military and work earlier, so I get to do a good deal of painting most of the time. For whatever reason, when I needed paint I went to a Lowe’s, HD, or Menards even and went to work. Recently moving again, the entire house is one color inside that of course the wife does not like...so here I go again. I told her only one color, which got me thinking buying a 5 gallon bucket (or 3). This led me to wonder why I never bought from Sherwin Williams....probably because I always used just a gallon at a time. Anyways, got their Emerald series at the sale price and it was 250 bucks for 5 gallons, which is 10-20 bucks higher than what I think I normally paid per gallon but I wanted to try it. Oh my word what a difference....why oh why have I not done this before. Goes on clean, nearly one coat with just touch of up of areas I didn’t have enough paint left on roller. No streaks, no runs, looks the same from any angle when done, and I swear I’m painting twice the area with the same amount of paint. Edges in so easy I haven’t put one piece of masking tape down! Yes it’s expensive up front, but money and time ahead in the end. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else is getting pressured to paint during the lockdown (formerly holiday) season. Since we can’t afford to shoot why not paint lol?
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