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Found 2 results

  1. I came into a pair of well used 1858 Remington conversions in .45. They had some reliability issues in the beginning, but I think I've worked out most of them and they've been running pretty good if I keep them really clean. I would like to work on repairing/replacing worn parts that may be causing some intermittent issues like cylinder binding during cocking. There does seem to be some fore-to-aft cylinder play, as well as some slight overall looseness of the cylinder in it's relation to the base pin. I'm told that the Italian made parts are somewhat soft compared to what is available (?) from American manufacturers. I've looked, and asked around, but cannot find any of these American manufacturers. Any suggestions here? In a last case scenario, who is a reputable 1858 'smith I could send my guns to if need be? Thanks for your help, Pards. WWB
  2. A shout out to my sweet Gunfighter friend, Widowmaker Hill! Tommy and I finally got to shoot our .22 Henry's with your "soft stroke" and Slater's triggers! What fun they are! SMOOTH and FUN!! I wonder if I can sneak past the loading officer and shoot the Henry instead of my Widdermatic .32 H & R Marlin? They're used to me loading through the tube already! haha Seriously, this game is full of wonderful folks and a lot of them are shooters and gunsmiths - Surly Dave, WIdder, Slater, Three Cut, Fast Eddie, Boomstick Jay, Jimmy Spurs... and, seems I have a special place in my heart for cowboys...and gunsmiths!
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