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Found 2 results

  1. I started SASS circa 2000, so I can't really post on the early years thread. But! When I started, it was not uncommon to shoot rifles at 50 yards or more, throw yourself on the ground and shoot from under a wagon, then clamber back up and run across a creaky bridge, or some such. We threw tomahawks, shot bows, and fished cartridges out of bean pots. Fun stuff, good times, and great folks. I've gotten to witness the evolution of Cowboy Action Shooting from those days, to the more modern speed racer matches, and had a great time, through it all. Here's a couple of favorite pics from the Pre-Modern era. Jump in! Cheers, FJT Lefty Longridge, Lusty Lil, Lead Dispencer, and Frederick Jackson Turner at "The Last Stand, in Florida. Circa 2003... Badlands Bud, Autumn Sky, and FJT at EoT...Perhaps 2005? Team Shoot; Boots Robb, J.T. Wilde, Evil Roy, Long Hunter, and FJT. Hell On Wheels, ca 2004? (There's a truly legendary video clip of the Top Gun Shoot-off Finals between BR and FJT. If anyone has it and wants to post it, the embarrassment has somewhat abated...) Swifty Swede (R.I.P.) and FJT, fighting over a plywood saloon girl's honor. That was one well-traveled prop, btw...! Rick O'Shay and FJT in the Top Gun Shootoff at the Northwestern Regional, ca 2004. FJT, Rattlesnake Wrangler (now Matt Black) Shotgun Boogie, and Colt Faro, Bordertown...several years back.
  2. For sale: three of the 1974/1975 Time-Life Books series on the Old West: The Soldiers, Cowboys, and The Gunfighters. All three are in MINT condition! All three for $30 +$5 USPS mail. Prefer PAYPAL friends and family. In their time, they were absolutely the best books about the frontier and frontier life. Unique embossed leather bound covers with numerous pictures. These are hard to find in mint condition.
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