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Found 1 result

  1. ... Yep, I am at it again ... bringing it back home to Butterfield Gulch... CLASSIC COWBOY SHOWDOWN ~2019~ YOU'VE BEEN CALLED.... Are You Tough Enough To Accept The Challenge? For 2019 in conjunction with the Butterfield Gulch Gang's match... "The Siege At Clark's Station" , I am calling out all Classic Cowboys and Cowgirls across the country! That is right a challenge for a showdown on the plains of Kansas has been issued! Do You Accept? It takes a certain person to shoot the Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl category, with all the clothing, firearm, caliber, and such requirements... it truly takes dedication. I have shot with many great folks in a few surrounding states that are great examples of Classic Cowboys/Cowgirls. But I want to shoot with MORE OF YOU FINE FOLKS AND BATTLE IT OUT WITH A BIG GROUP OF CLASSIC SHOOTERS! So come on... accept the challenge and sign up for The Siege At Clark's Station. All you have to do is sign up as either Classic Cowboy Or Classic Cowgirl to be entered in the SHOWDOWN. If you have ever wanted to give the category a try now is your chance, and learn some things from those that have been shooting it for a while. Butterfield Gulch is located in central Kansas, just south of historic Chapman, KS... just a short ride from Abilene, KS. So it is right in the middle of some of the most famous "End Of The Line" cattle drive towns! Butterfield Gulch brings you seven permanent stages ranging from a Fort, Gallows, Stage Depot, and others. Also have a great long range, with shooting from 100yds to 400yds. I will be putting up a custom buckle for the event if we can get at least five (Classic Cowboy) shooters signed up for it (Three Classic Cowgirls for a Buckle).. and possibly some other awards TBD. Working out some details for a Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl Dinner get together on a Steam Train! More info on that later so keep tuned in! WEBSITE (CLUB INFO): http://butterfieldgulch.com/default.htm ENTRY FORM: http://butterfieldgulch.com/Clarks Station flyer 2019 PDF.pdf (All Shooters are encouraged to attend The Siege At Clark's Station Match.. but I am just picking a fight with the Classics ... all in good fun of course ) I would love to see a huge gathering of classics for this match...unmatched at any other shooting venue! BUCKLE AND CONCHOS ARE DONE!! Keep checking back for more info. UPDATE 7-20-18 - FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL TRAIN RIDE... See Below Post for more info. UPDATE 1-4-19 ANOTHER AWARD OFFERED UP! Abilene Slim has offered up a CUSTOM 2" Scarf Slide for an "1860 Henry Throwdown". Abilene Slim just loves the 1860 Henry and knows many folks own one and enjoy shooting it, but often shy away for some reason or another... To tempt people to use it for a main match he has offered up this award to the TOP shooter that uses the Henry for all 10 stages! So if that is something that interest ya, just let me know when you register that your shooting the HENRY. WHO'S COMING LIST 4-18-19 Confirmed entries marked with ... * * Major Art Tillery - (Henry) * High Plains Hud * Stirrup Trouble * Abilene Slim - (Henry) * Hillbilly Drifter * Pony Soldier * Dantankerous - (Henry) Jax T -(Henry) * Bulldog Brown * Asa Smith * Wymore Wrangler * Chili Pepper Kid * Shady Willie Brown * Richie Reno * Travelin Travis  * Ned Plinkerton - (Henry) * Asa Breckenridge * Pit Mule * T-Bone Dooley * Three Shot Shamrock * Eldorado Wayne * TOP * Hillbilly Bert * Sage Runner * Cowtown Scout
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