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Found 5 results

  1. I have 400 .45LC brass to trade Anyone interested to trade for 800 .38SP brass?
  2. Just ordered my first loading press, bullets from Scarlett, and federal primers. All I need is some brass. Anyone have some 45 Colt (LC) brass they’d be willing to part with?
  3. Hello, Clearing out more stuff before my ALOHA. TERMS PAYMENT: Regular Paypal, or Friends & Family Paypal, also VENMO or Money Order. No trades at this time, sorry I am pending re-assignment to Hawaii and need to cut down the house hold items, firearms and gear. OFFERS: If you feel that my prices are unreasonable (fair enough, maybe I am off) and you want to offer me less, then please understand that until we have a deal THAT WE BOTH AGREE TO, and another person states I WILL TAKE #__ at my asking price, it will go to them. If we make a DEAL, I will honor it & not go back on my word. PLEASE Communicate clearly with me. Please post "I will take #____" in the post, via private message or email. Then send me your address so I can calculate shipping for you. I can do US Postal Service or UPS. Whichever is cheaper or your preference. ONLY ITEM REMAINING THAT IS NOT SPOKEN FOR: ALL SOLD: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPF: Lot #3: Lee 12 gauge loader set, additional reloading tools, 10 shells of ALCAN 2.75" brass and 10 shells of ALCAN 2.5" brass, 1 - MTM 12 gauge box for 50 shells (EMPTY) & 4 - 25 round MTM shotshell boxes (EMPTY) $105 $85 Plus shipping to you SOLD PENDING FUNDS to EARL BRASSE 2 3/4 cases: Case thickness at the end/mouth: Primer pocket: 2 1/2" shells: Casr thickness at the end/ mouth: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL ITEMS BELOW HERE ARE EITHER SOLD OR SOLD PENDING FUNDS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPF: Lot #1: 150 shells $160 plus shipping to you SPF FLATTOP LUCKY LESLIE MAGTECH brass, new, taken out of the cardboard boxes and placed into plastic trays and plastic bins (Cabelas ammo 'can') Includes all six original boxes, trays and cabelas plastic 'can' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPF: Lot #2: 147 shells $157 plus shipping to you SOLD PENDING FUNDS to John Kloehr MAGTECH brass, new, taken out of the cardboard boxes and placed into plastic trays and plastic bins (Cabelas ammo 'can') Missing two of the ORIGINAL boxes, four included. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPF: Lot #4: Wads, cards, etc. $65 plus shipping to you. SPF FLATTOP LUCKY LESLIE boxes appear mostly full-ish with some settling. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPF: #5: RCBS .45 Colt reloading dies, new. $35 Plus shipping to you Sold Pending Funds to Portugee John ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPF: #6 RCBS Powder Drop lot - both appear unused, but with some surface rust from storage and a crack in the green plastic reservoir: $85 Plus shipping to you - SOLD PENDING FUNDS to T.J. Bones Includes both meters, and SATERN funnel .45 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPF: #7 This is a weird one. I bought these back in 2012 when there weren't ANY components available, and they sat in the box they came in. ALCAN 12 gauge ZINC shotshells ~2.33" length, some ROUGH lips of the cases, with splits and bends. I will say FOR COLLECTOR VALUE ONLY. $40 Shipped to the USA SPF FLATTOP LUCKY LESLIE , cannot combine shipping with anything else though as they are going LARGE FLAT RATE USPS that they came in. Wads and cards included. Cases are all Dirty & filthy, with some corrosion & some with FIRED primers still in them. Average case length: Primer hole: Average condition: All of em: . Included:
  4. For Sale- Everything you need to get in the 32-20 reloading business. A set of Lee 32-20 dies, a Lee FCD die, and 250+ pieces of Starline brass(plus a few odds and ends R-P and W-W), all fired two, maybe three times, all sized, trimmed, polished and ready to be loaded. All for $75 shipped to your doorstep. Thanks for looking!
  5. I've got more brass than I know what to do with, so I figured I'd see if anyone was interested here. This has been tumbled and deprimed (but not re-sized) and sorted by headstamp. I left out any really tarnished brass; this is shiny stuff. 1.) 200 pcs of 9mm, Winchester headstamp - $12 + shipping 2.) 100 pcs of 9mm, Remington headstamp - $8 + shipping 3.) 100 pcs of 9mm, Federal headstamp - $8 + shipping OR all 400 pcs of 9mm, $28 and I'll pay shipping. 4.) 250 pcs of .40 S&W, Winchester headstamp - $33 + shipping 5.) 150 pcs of .40 S&W, Federal headstamp - $20 + shipping 6.) 100 pcs of .40 S&W, Blazer headstamp - $13 + shipping OR all 500 pcs of .40 S&W, $60 and I'll pay shipping. 7.) 100 pcs of .45 ACP, Winchester headstamp, all large pistol primer pockets - $15 + shipping If you buy multiples we'll work out some kind of deal. Reply here or PM me if interested. I will get the cheapest shipping available, either First Class or in a cheap Flat Rate Priority box.
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