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  1. I am a new SASS member, (#108735), I have my Ruger Vaquero and holster, my Henry Big Boy, (both .357/.38) my alias, and my cowboy clothing. I was really looking forward to CAS and contacted the SASS club in my area. The wind went out of my sales after talking to the club contact. I was told all that I needed was another Vaquero and a shot gun to shoot in the club stages. Now, money is not the problem for getting what I was told I needed, but I have my own personal reasons for not having the extra firearms. First, I am a right handed shooter and I don't shoot left handed and I won't switch hands to shoot, so I don't see the need to have a second revolver. Second, I don't like shotguns and I don't like shooting them, so I won't own one. Bottom line, I won't spend the extra money for another revolver and a shotgun. I do understand the "spirit of the game" that SASS espouses and I have no problem with that and I'm not complaining, but I was under the misguided belief that CAS was to resemble as close as possible the old west cowboys of yesteryear. Now in most of the movie and TV westerns I've seen, (and I've seen most of them) the cowboys usually carried just one 6 shot revolver, (preferably a Colt) and a rifle, (preferably a Winchester) in the scabbard on their horse. Very few cowboys back then carried 2 revolvers (except for Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger) and a shot gun all at the same time. Most of the old west cowboys back then could not afford the extra firepower, as most were just ranch hands or drovers who made very little money. Those who chose the life of an outlaw might be able to own the extra guns but most preferred just their 6 gun and rifle (both in the same caliber to save money by not having to buy different caliber bullets). This leads me a couple questions that I have. First, do all SASS shooting stages require that you have to have 2 revolvers, a rifle and a shot gun to shoot and compete in these stages? Second, if having all those firearms is a SASS requirement, then are there any CAS clubs that don't have that requirement that I could join, preferably in Arizona in the Verde Valley area?
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