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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy All, Why reload? Do you save money? Do you prefer controlling your ammo, accuracy, velocity? Is it a hobby? Do do you spend an hour making 10 perfect target rounds or an hour cranking out 1000 match rounds? Regardless, here’s my cost breakdown and I want to know yours. (This does not take into account the bullet moldes, melting pots, reloaders, sizers, and Brass tumblers I’ve invested in. Only the consumable items) bullets- I cast all my own projectiles from reclaimed range lead. Cost-$0.00 Powder- clays smokeless power 8# for $150.00 $18.75/pound $0.008 a round when loading 3 grains to push a 125 grain bullet. (Rifle) And $0.007 a round when loading 2.7 grains to push a 105 grain bullet. (Pistol) Brass- reused brass. $0.00 Primers- Federal Small Pistol Primers. box of 1000 for $32.00 $0.032 per round Bullet Lube- liquid Alox $0.01 per round brass polish- Brasso $0.0025 per case lead flux- (wax and sawdust) $0.001 per round total cost: $0.0526 per round. Now, if you’ve stuck with me this long why does it matter ?? Well, the cost of a 50 round box of LRN 38 special at Walmart is $23.50 after tax in my area and local shops (if they have it) is about $25.00 Thats $0.47 per round and you run the risk of the place not even having what you need when you go shopping. SOOOO... What’s your breakdown?? What do you use and why? Eager to learn from y’all and hear your take on it. R, Moe T Vader 104114
  2. Illinois House Bill 1467, introduced by freshman Representative Lamont J. Robinson Jr.(D) (former occupation-insurance sales) will require record keeping on any amount of ammunition (nothing about components, yet). And ammo sellers will have submit records within 7 days to the Illinois State Police. Referred to Rules Committee. See how this works? If the Dealer Licensing Bill didn't pass, they would create an insurmountable amount of records for dealers to contend with, that would force them out of business. I got news for Rep. Robinson. The Illinois State Police has no where near the manpower to take on this kind of administrative crappola. There are barely enough bodies to patrol the highways. In my District 25-30 years ago, there were 70 assigned to patrol over 5 shifts that covered five counties. Today you barely have 25 on the road. Do the math. Get ready Illinois shooters. Rough 4 years ahead. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocTypeID=HB&DocNum=1467&GAID=15&SessionID=108&LegID=115877
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