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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sure all of you have heard about the shooting the other day. The official line is: 4 heroic police officers were shot while serving a drug warrent on heroin dealers. Both suspects killed. When police broke in the suspects opened fire on them. Now the story has changed from when I first saw it and read about it on the news. When I first read it the Chief of police said when they broke in a pitbull chaged at them so they killed it and the homeowner opened fire on them with a 357. From what I've seen and heard thus far on the news and just doing a little thinking about it, here's my alternate scenario: After receiving an anonymous(?) tip form an informant(someone with a grudge?), undercover police officers(in plainclothes and wearing skimasks?) attempt to serve a search warrant( shouting police, search warrant while breaking down their door?). When the dog does his job and goes after the intruders, they gun him down. When the homeowner tries to defend his home, they kill him. When his wife tries to help him, they kill her. Now if this is the way it happened, the police will never admit it. But the information out ther now says this couple had (virtually) no police record. They had liver there 20 or 30 years. More that one neighbor said on camera they don't believe the accusations. They were in their late 50s, and the man was a disabled army veteran. They certainly don't sound like your stereotype drug dealers. Marijuana and a "white powder"(being tested) were found at the scene. Nothing about any black tar heroin. 3 rifles and 2 shotguns taken. Hardly an arsenal(except to the media). Now I'm not the only one who thinks things might not be what they seem. One of the DJs on the radio show I listen to said this morning that things weren't "adding up". Had someone broken into MY house under these circumstances, I suspect the results would have been about the same. Doesn't make me a drug dealer who should be shot down. And I'm not going to argue with anyone about the validity of so called "no knock" warrants. There's no such thing. Not at MY house. Someone wants to serve a warrant on me, they can knock on my door and we'll take it from there. They want to break in, they're criminals and will be treated as such. And I don't care if courts HAVE said "no knock" is OK. They are unconstitutional. I can read the Bill of Rights for myself. I don't need it "interpreted". Too much of that crap now. Anyway, my point is don't always believe the official police line. Or what the media reports. Wait for FACTS. If there ever are any. I figured that out long ago, even before I saw the mess down in Olmos Park, TX. If you believed the police there, the open carry activists were actually Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, etc. (Hint:check it out on youtube)
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