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Found 8 results

  1. Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls, I am helping a Cowgirl here in Iowa sell some of her CAS firearms locally and I am out of my league on the value of a handful of them. If they were RNV or 1873's not a big deal, I would know them, but I have never shot let alone know the value of these couple of Marlin's and the Uberti pistols. I am looking for a couple of cowboys or cowgirls to provide me with an approximate value of the described firearms below. Thanks so much in advance! All of the firearms described are used, but certainly NOT abused. These folks did a great job maintaining these firearms. They show the normal stock wear that comes with playing our game, a few bumps and bruises but no cracks or deep gouges. 1. Marlin (Top on pic Below) - 1894 Carbine in 38 special. It is not short-stroked but it does have some slicking up done to it as the action has some swirled jeweling to it. It is old enough to have clear JM stamp with a circle around it. 2. Marlin (Bottom on pic below) - 1894 Cowboy Limited in 38 special. Again this one is not short stroked, and it does not appear to have any work done to it. However the owners have used it enough that it does feel slick. You could say this one was loosened up just by shooting it. While I did not find a JM with a circle around it, there was a smaller JM stamped on it but without a circle around it. 3. Birds Head Pistols - Uberti birds head revolvers in 38 special, 3.5 inch barrels. The action are what Uberti would call the old model, so they have the 4 clicks and no transfer bars. They did not say stallion on them, but they were certainly made for smaller hands. Again no sign of work done to them, however they are smooth. Again I would say they were loosened up with just shooting them. 4. Normal Pistols - Uberti revolver in 38 special, 5.5 inch barrels. Again 4 clicks with no transfer bars. Their was no additional identification on them like stallion, or cattleman, etc. These did not feel like smaller guns, they felt similar in my hand as my NMV but lighter. Again no sign of work done to them, however they were smooth. Again I would say they were loosened up with just shooting them. Thanks so much in advance for your expertise in helping out here! Have a great rest of the weekend and an even better week!
  2. OK, I have lined up a different main match pistol, so I need to sell the Cimarron Richards Type II Cartridge Conversion in .45 Colt or Schofield. Comes with a custom made Slim Jim by Possum Creek Leather, that was copied from "Packing Iron." Was featured in one of my Cowboy Chronicle articles. With Holster $400 +$20shipping and insurance FIRM.
  3. FS- Pioneer Gun Works Competition ready Uberti 1873 Deluxe .357 magnum, 20" barrel, Super SS kit. Shortened stock with but pad. and 1873 screw set. Marbles rear sight. Gun was built up in 2015. Very lightly used, less than 200 rounds put through. Asking $1775- $1,450
  4. Selling a uberti 1873 rifle Caliber: 45 colt Barrel: 24 in Installed parts: c and I aluminum carrier, pgw speed front sight, marbles tang peep sight, pgw lever wrap, pgw action springs, pgw main spring, light lever safety spring, competition trigger by the smith shop, 5th generation short stroke kit has the option to come with spare parts. Spare parts include: stock carrier, hammer link and pin, lever hook, stock action springs, stock links, stock main spring, stock rear sight, stock safety spring, stock trigger, stock lifter arm Cost W/O spare parts: 1600 With spare parts: 1900 6F853008-996B-4B10-9AA0-12D227C03765.MOV
  5. Howdy, folks! I've got a question for y'all. I've only been shooting CAS for six months, and I'm wanting to get into B-Western. My main reason is that I already have the clothes for it; they're my everyday wear. What's the best rifle for B-Western that's NOT a Marlin? Fastest, most reliable, longest lasting? I'm a lefty, and every Marlin I've shot throws the hot brass right onto my right arm, which gets old fast. I was considering a Rossi M92, IF I can find one. Price is also a deciding factor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Uberti / Cimarron's Expertly Tuned and Short Stroked by Ken Griner of Griner GUNWORKS: 1873 Short Rifle .357 / .38 CA271 $1620.00 1873 Short Rifle - Pistol Grip .357 / .38 CA213 $1690.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper .357 / .38 CA2022 $1620.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper - Pistol Grip .357 / .38 CA2025 $1690.00 1873 Short Rifle 45LC CA281 $1620.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper - Pistol Grip 45LC $1690.00 We have other rifles in stock ready to be tuned and short stroked. It only takes a short 3-6 weeks for Griner GUNWORKS to complete. We also have a pair of Vaquero's .357 4.62" barrel - Tuned and Ready to Ship! $1500.00 for the pair! And an 1878 Coachgun Tuned with reversed triggers -Ready to go! $715.00 Call us at 970-385-4141 or visit our Website http://evilroy.com
  7. Looking for a used Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Short Rifle, with 20 inch barrel, chambered in 45 LC. Would be great if it was already match ready.
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